We love design

Creating the right styles is to ensure added value for our customers. Our own design team has done this for the past 25 years. With great success.

Today we have design teams in Denmark, London and Istanbul, giving the company an international character. But everyone in the group loves design and fashion. We enjoy following the international trends, developing exciting materials, unusual trims, and spotting new possibilities. We get our inspiration from traveling, from every day life, from customers and suppliers. And our designers are masters at converting ideas into functional styles.

Each week our web portal display lots of new styles. The popular, the trendy, the new, and the best selling. With a few clicks you can get your own sample. Or have your favourite styles altered so they fit into your own concept perfectly.

We also develop collections in close collaboration with individual customers. Or manage the production of the collections created by our customers’ own designers.


  • Added value for our customers
  • Our own design teams in Ikast, London, and Istanbul
  • International character
  • Quick response to the customers requirements
  • Close cooperation with the customer
  • Web portal with new styles every week