To make a top quality product you need the best raw materials. As a consequence we produce a large number of the raw materials ourselves. We have a network of suppliers whom we trust, and we only replace them if we absolutely have to. This is because they can guarantee the best and most consistent quality.

No one can live with mistakes. Neither our customers, nor us. So we never take the easy way out. Your warranty is for life. The responsibility is ours – all the way to the recycling container.

  • We document and quality control our raw materials all the way back to their original source
  • Our own factories are BSCI and SEDEX certified
  • We only buy from approved suppliers
  • All our suppliers meet all the requirements our customers have for their finished product
  • Great professional pride
  • Same quality from sample to finished product
  • 2.5% AQL on all finished products
  • Complaint rate is less than 1%